Sunday, 3 July 2011

So...I was looking for my spare sewing machine bobbins...

...And opened a box that I haven't opened since I moved house (last October). Which turned out to be full of dvds! Whee! Well, what have we got?

Ooh! Nightmare Before Christmas! Nightmare on Elm Street Box Set; [Night of the] Intruder; - yes, I alphabetise; what of it? National Lampoon's Class Reunion! Napoleon Dynamite? How the Sam J Jones did that get here? Ah, curse you, vanished Virgin Megastores and your 4-for-£20 offers! I would wish a pox on your line...if that hadn't already happened.

So, perhaps this is A SIGN that I should start up the reviewing things thing again. Or that I am a lazy slattern. Either/or.

Now, perhaps those bobbins are in that other box, with my Fango back issues...

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