Thursday, 16 January 2014

Nearly-New Year,

So: since we have a whole new year, and everything, and is the traditional time when people make resolutions they'll break before Valentine's Day, I've made one too.

It WAS going to be a film a day, but since I began two weeks late, that would be an unimpressive 350 films; pfft, we can do better than that!

500 films in 2014.  

Also, god above or below help me, 500 NEW films (since I have no self-control, and would end up watching Texas Chainsaw Massacre (of COURSE the original, silly) three times in a day.  Again.

So, a three-step process:

- Find new film

- Watch new film

- Blog new film

It's only 10 a week, two a weekday; or one a weekday, and a weekend binge. I know it can be done.  

Whether it SHOULD, is a whole other matter.

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